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Reflections on the Fourth of July

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Jul. 4th, 2013 | 11:07 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

It seems everyone is out partying, having a great time. Such is the way you should celebrate a birth...

The Fourth of July for my family was always somethign a little different. It wasn't just the birth of our nation...but the birth of my grandmother. We always used to say the fireworks weren't just for the fourth of july and our independence. But they were to celebrate the birth of one of the most kind, caring and wonderful woman that God ever gave to this planet.

She was the woman who introduced me to the Catholic faith. Who helped me to celebrate that faith while I was younger. She was the woman who introduced the family to its love of Music. She was the one who taught my family the importance OF family. She taught me that life was not so bad at times. She taught me to be strong as she had survived breast cancer for many many years.

As you probably can tell from the past tense of the words, she passed away 8 years ago this August from complications from a stroke and cancer. And I will always remember and miss her. Our family hasn't been the same since she died. At least not in my opinion. I will always miss my grandma. I just wish i knew if she would be proud of me..if she'd be proud of where I am in life...with what i was doing...with..me..

I love you grandma....

And Yes I wrote this last year, same words and I will continue to write this in memory of my Grandmother..every year..

"And he will raise you up, on eagles wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun. And hold you in the palm, of his hands" - On Eagles Wings

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